Back-to-back snowfall challenges Grand Forks street crews

Foot by foot, the snow piles are growing

GRAND FORKS — As winter wears on, snow continues to pile up.

"It seems like we're plowing every other day. And that's the way it's going to be going for the next few days it sounds like," said Grand Forks streets manager Mark Aubol.

With more set to fall this week, piles will only get higher.

Berms on Washington Street, Gateway Drive and Columbia Road are where the city stores snow, which is eventually hauled to a lot in the northern outskirts of Grand Forks. The lot has only filled up about three times in the last 15 years.

Right now the lot is somewhat empty because the streets department hasn't been able to haul snow there.

"Right now we just don't have enough personnel to do all the jobs and the equipment isn't there to do everything at one time," said Aubol.

The department is presently operating with 33 workers. Aubol said it needs another seven employees and more equipment to ease the pinch.

"We haven't added anybody to our department since 1997,” said Aubol. “The town's gotten quite a bit bigger since then."

While crews continue to plow streets, it could take another couple weeks before the snow is moved off the berms.

"We need the snow to stop so we can get the crews built to (haul) it," said Aubol.